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“I am asking you to take off your party hats and back the best person for the job – Jonathan Sahrbeck. He’s running as an Independent.  He has the motive, experience, intention, and drive.  He is a prosecutor, committed to public safety, victims’ rights, offender accountability, and providing opportunities for defendants to redeem themselves and make amends. Tough without being heartless, compassionate without being naive, sensible, and open-minded.”

-Stephanie Anderson

Cumberland County District Attorney 1990 to 2018

“I have a view about prosecutors and I believe in professionals. Jonathan is a professional. He’s not a politician, he’s a professional prosecutor. I think that’s important. He’s an independent. I’m a democrat. He’s not a democrat. But I’m definitely for him and I’ll put a sign in front of my house and tell people that I’m for Jonathan Sahrbeck because he is a pro. That’s what we need in terms of chief law enforcement officer for Cumberland County.”

– Harold Pachios

August 10, 2018, Attorney and Host of “Pachios on the News”

“I have worked with Jonathan Sahrbeck on many occasions since he came to Cumberland County as a Prosecutor. Jonathan Sahrbeck is who we need to be our next District Attorney in Cumberland County. He is an independent who cares about Public Safety, Victims and supporting law enforcement. Please vote for Jonathan Sahrbeck.”

– Detective Mary Sauschuck

Portland Police Department

“…What strikes me about Jonathan is his authenticity and quiet tenacity. He shows up!… Way beyond the time that he decided to run for office he was showing up.  He always takes my calls. He always helps me in any way he ca. If he can’t help me then he’ll help me find someone who can. … There are a handful of people that if I need to help somebody immediately or I need an answer or whatever…they take my call or they get back to me within 24 hours. Jonathan is one of those people.”

– Catherine Wilson Mossman

Stop Trafficking ME

“Jonathan was instrumental in bringing justice in the case against the reckless driver who nearly killed my daughter in a car crash on August 6, 2015. Please join me in supporting his campaign to be Cumberland County District Attorney.”

– Suzanne Grace

Coordinator, Safe Kids Maine

ADA Jonathan Sahrbeck is a man that goes above and beyond what’s expected of him because he cares about the people he serves. Jonathan understands that recovery is possible and prosecutors play a major role in the opioid crisis. He also advocates for the most vulnerable women in our community – victims and survivors of sex trafficking and domestic violence. He will make a great District Attorney.”

– Seth Blais

Consultant and Speaker for the Recovery Community

“In September of 2017, Jonathan Sahrbeck was assigned to my case. Prior to this, I was extremely overwhelmed, lost and discouraged – I had no idea how to navigate through this process. Aside from my incredible support system, Jonathan is the reason why I was able to persevere through this grueling criminal case. I can confidently attest to the fact that he dedicates his career to serving victims and upholding justice. I have found many silver linings in this awful situation – working with Jonathan is one of them. Please consider voting for Jonathan Sahrbeck for Cumberland County District Attorney.”

– Erica Cole

Survivor of Domestic Violence

“Awhile back, I brought a report into Jon, it was probably one of the worst domestic violence cases I had seen in my 30 years as a cop…. He recognized it was less about the victim not wanting to cooperate and more about she had been in this relationship so long she knew no other way of life, Jon knew he had to be her voice. .. We need a District Attorney with Jon’s experience and compassion. Please vote for Jonathan Sahrbeck as the next Cumberland County DA.”

– Detective Paul Cox

Windham Police Department

“Jonathan is one of the most dedicated and caring person that I’ve meet. When you get a chance to meet Jonathan Sahrbeck and talk with him, you will understand and see the passion that he has for victims’ rights and is willing to prosecute that criminals to the fullest extent!! He is very active when it comes to human and child sex trafficking which by the way is a growing epidemic here in Maine and specially Cumberland County.”

– Michael O’Neal

Director, Keep Kids Safe

“This letter is to endorse independent Jonathan Sahrbeck for Cumberland County district attorney in the coming Nov. 6 general election.
“As a longtime friend of the Sahrbeck family, I have known Jonathan for most of his life. I have followed his law career with interest and with admiration.
“Effective criminal prosecution requires intellect, passion and compassion. It requires the ability to find the truth and to help bring justice to all who are involved – based on the truth. Jonathan Sahrbeck not only possesses those qualities and abilities, but also employs them every day in his work.
“Jonathan’s experience as a prosecutor in Massachusetts, and especially as an assistant to outstanding departing District Attorney Stephanie Anderson here in his native Cumberland County, has prepared him well for the task at hand. He enjoys the respect of colleagues, the police, the judiciary and the other agencies entrusted with administering justice and treatment in the challenging endeavor of public safety preservation.
“Justice bears neither a Republican nor a Democratic qualifier, nor should it. I encourage you to join me in voting on Nov. 6 for Jonathan Sahrbeck – the only independent candidate, and the best candidate for Cumberland County district attorney.”

– Jim Rowe

Cape Elizabeth (Letter to the Editor, Portland Press Herald, 8/15/18)

“Jonathan is highly qualified to be our next Cumberland County DA. I have known him for quite some time and have always appreciated his honestly, common sense and commitment to the people of Cumberland County as an attorney who currently serves in the DA’s office.”

– Cheryl Leeman

Former Portland City Councilor and Mayor of Portland

“If you live in Cumberland County, this fall is an important election for us all. Our current DA Stephanie Anderson is concluding her last of 5 consecutive terms. This has opened up the political platform for new candidates with new ideas. As we all know it’s important to educate ourselves on the candidates to make the best possible decision. Although you did not see his name on campaign signs this spring or at the voting polls due to his independent status Jonathan Sahrbeck is in the race for the District Attorney of Cumberland County. Jonathan is the only current ADA in the race. I highly encourage my friends to read about his education, professional experience, and his passion for the issues we currently face. I work with Jonathan and can attest to his drive and dedication for justice.”

– Julie Merrick

Victim Witness Advocate, Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office

“Please give Jonathan’s page a like and keep up with his campaign. In my humble opinion, he’s the only viable and logical choice for District Attorney for Cumberland County. He’s an Independent so he won’t be getting big party money infused into his campaign. This will be a grassroots effort… and every voice and vote counts.”

– Steve Webster

Detective (Retired), South Portland Police Department

“Cumberland County, even though I am no longer a resident I feel compelled to advocated for ADA Sahrbeck. From the multiple occasions I have witnessed ADA Sahrbeck’s work, I can say he is the passion, empathetic, and ethically driven District Attorney that Cumberland County needs. As for his opposition, I cannot make the same claim.”

– Adam Morin

former Portland Police Department Officer and current Federal Law Enforcement Agent

“Jonathan Sahrbeck has my unqualified support for District Attorney. I do not believe the DA should be a partisan office and Jonathan is running as an Independent. Jonathan is an experienced prosecutor who will serve our county well. He is young, bright, fair-minded, a good trial lawyer and a good listener. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jonathan Sahrbeck in November for Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office.”

– Mary Ann Lynch

former Democratic Candidate for Maine State House